Play Online Keno For Huge Casino Winnings

We know that online pokies are at the top of the list when it comes to your favourite online casino games, but if you ever need a break from spinning the reels, there's one place you're always welcome. The online Keno tables guarantee an electrifying gaming experience!

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That's right! This mystical Chinese online casino game has been keeping players captivated for centuries. If you've never tried your luck at an online Keno board before, you're missing out on a whole lot of action and a whole lot of winnings! Get in the game at the online Keno tables today and sign up at any of our recommended Australian online casinos today for top Keno excitement and non-stop winnings!


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The History Of Online Casino Keno

Even if you're not familiar with the game of online casino Keno, you can guess that it didn't start life as a digital game. In fact, the earliest versions of today's Keno were first found centuries ago, in ancient China. While today online Keno is played on a digital board, originally Keno was played using large characters on painted sheets. This method fell out of practice once Americans started playing it in the 19th century.

From here Keno moved to the parlours of casinos, generating huge popularity and excitement due to its simple, yet rewarding nature. And it was this air of fun and suspense that Keno took with it when it eventually transitioned to the digital world, becoming online Keno and opening itself up to a new generation of players.

Play Online Casino Keno

The object of the game of online Keno is simple - it works like a lottery. You choose a certain combination of numbers, and the more matches you make with the numbers randomly chosen by the online Keno board, the more you can win!.

At the start of a game of online casino Keno, you'll need to place your bet by choosing your preferred coin size. You'll then be able to choose your lucky numbers for the game. The more numbers you choose, the more real money you'll bet and the more chance you'll have of winning. Once you've chosen your numbers by clicking on the relevant spaces on the Keno board, the Keno machine will then shoot out its own random number combination. Each match you make with the machine's numbers is known as a "hit." The more hits you make, the more chance you have of walking away a winner!

Australian online casino players love online Keno for its inherent simplicity, its air of surprise, and its unhurried nature. All of these factors have contributed to its lasting popularity over the years. Take a break from spinning the online pokies reels at your favourite Australian online casino and you'll soon see - the online Keno boards are worth a play and then some!